Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Regina Kulubotna,

Dear Regina Kulubotna,

Stop running your department like a vendetta machine. You must understand the effect of your capriciousness and bias to the overall economy. You cannot demand heaven-like scenario to just pop up suddenly in all mining sites just because you are suddenly there at DENR. You also must take care of the small-time miners you're displacing. They wont be able to eat if you just suddenly pull the plug on their livelihood, while you still stand to enjoy your ginger tea and aromatherapy in the morning.

You cannot bask in what you think are praises from environmentalist, while you are bringing down our GDP and causing stability in metal prices worldwide. Hardcore is always bad. Hardcore roads lead to cliffs.

And for chrissakes, stop wearing sleeveless. Your armpit is already like a ragged open pit mine. It won't win you support to stop open pit mining if you show them. Even with tons of your time spent in yoga and meditation eklat, you are still old, and you look old, Madame.

And you look like a Mahjongera.

Trading Diary Workweek 38: Enjoying the Fruits

Google: Tao Expedition.

I snorkeled

I kayaked

detoxed in accommodations without electricity.

I ate. 

And enjoyed my gains.

As I suggested elsewhere, one shouldn't just compound and compound. One should also spend for trips, because remember we area also buying time. Yes you can spend for this without hesitation when youre a billionaire at 60, but would you still feel physically the same? You will regret compounding and saving too much while you could have reaped a bit and enjoyed a great vacation better with youth and vigor.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trading Diary Workweek 37

My sell for NIKL last week was hit; no more NIKL. Nimble port has 75% cash and all remaining positions are negative, 

Nothing done in main port, except placed two-trance buys in TEL at 1650. 

MWC showing nice profit, Might begin to sell at 33 or a bit lower. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trading Diary Workweek 36 -- Here comes the rain again?

Bought or sold nothing. Equities worldwide are on the slide, foreign selling now consistent in our shores. Have to respect this.

Observing my MWC pick. Foreign buying still persists. Support at 28 should hold.

Noticed foreign buying in AGI earlier in the week. But it tapered off and other foreign brokers fought to sell.

Looking to sell my NIKL, probably at +15-20%? (around 6.9)

My small tranche is VLL took a slide. Looking to add at 5.00. 

WISHLIST: would love to see GLO back to 1600, Can't go wrong holding the duopoly.

PGOLD at 36 will also be a solid buy. DMCI at 9.2 is a one tranche buy. (

Cash position ready. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trading Diary Work week 35

Bought one tranche of MWC, and another tranche of TA (now PHEN) and that's it.

Noticed that some more dividends got credited in my main port. Not sure which they are for.

Yes, Im noticing the downtrend of the index. The Duterte rally was supposed to be over, the violence in the streets is resulting to distaste with investors, there's supposed to be instability, etc, etc. Whatever the reason is, it is evident that the foreigners are pulling out. This is the main indicator important to me.

And Im ok with a supposed 'correction,' with the healthy cash position that I have right now. On short-term, i'll be hunting for the blue chip that foreigners are still supporting.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pick of the week is MWC.

I added three tranches myself to a long time existing position. Consistent foreign buying in the past few days. And today, they are not hiding anymore:

And there's a sudden, furious, jump in volume trades!

I think 32 will be easy on short term.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Trading Diary Workweek 34

Received significant dividends from GLOPP and TEL. Ready to deploy these extra funds if there comes a very attractive entry price in a company with solid growth.

Saw some downtrend in my main port, but did not really feel any alarm. Good call, because I was seeing some marginal gains from where I started the week by late Thursday and early Friday.

But in essence, I did not trade last week, save for one-tranche GTM-buy that was hit for TA, at 2,23.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Picks of the week, if ever these issues reach these prices this week.

MEG at 4.5 is one-tranche buy.

TA at 2.23 is a one-tranche buy.

TEL at 1700 is a buy.


  • Im watching closely the foreign buying-selling. They are net sells in straight days recently, although small in aggregate value. Cash position enough for war. 
  • Still staying away from bazuras. No time to play with them. Toxic with dayjob recently. 

Trading Diary, Workweek 33

Sold all of UBP that Ive been holding for over a year in my nimble port for around +10% gain. As a result, cash in nimble port now around 60%.

Noting that NIKL is increasing. My position is almost green here because of the opportunistic averaging down close to 5.0. As posted earlier, Gina Lopez is inadvertently doing good for this company, which is also probably already the best-managed mining company in the country. I expect the chartists to enter at 5.9 in droves, also. Im confident in the intermediate for NIKL.

Adding LC at 0.201 appears to be a mistake, but holding whole position as of now. Any catastrophe like bad news on LC's audit or sudden downtrend in gold will make me cutloss everything. For now, hold. But to be transparent, even if this surged up suddenly, I will sell around 0.24 - 0.25, because Lolo for sure will unload there again.

Downtrend in TEL, after ex-dividend, hurting my main port. Added cash position there for possible big average down in TEL. And probable new buy-ins in MEG, TA, and MBT.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trading Diary, Workweek 32

After all the take-profit moves in SECB, MBT, et al and taking a highest cash position in months. The biggest position in my main port actually became GLOPP, which was bought at issue price of 500. It was showing me high 5 figures paper gain when it was promising at near +10%. Suddenly it was brought down by one seller at 507. This, plus the plunge of TEL (after div ex-date) brought down my remaining paper gain.

But I intend to hold on to GLOPP as my parking lot (or resting place) for extra cash. It is earning 5% per annum, way better than time deposit in any bank.


I executed half-cutloss at LC at 0.213 then reentered at 0.201 half of the same position by afternoon.Why I went back after lunch? Gold is still in upward trend.

I'll cutloss everything if there's adverse news. In any case, my profit last May far exceeds my current loss (paper + realized).


I added some speculative chunks at 3.36 3.37. 3.4 to my remaining position in GMA7. I have some position remaining after I sold most of it at 6.9--the time it was nearing dividend ex-date earlier this year. I was betting this will continue up to 6.9 again easily given the press release on the big net income jump. But GMA7 instead went back to it sleeping place at 6.3. Will watch this closely in the coming days.


My cash in nimble port was reduced to 45%. Main port at around 23%. PSEi is still above 8000 after selldown and no alarming foreign selling (yet). Both are indications to me that our market still has oomph to go to 8500. But Im not eager to deplete cash position in the coming days.


I should have bet on WEB early in the morning even if just aiming for grocery money, but I had office work to do and I know I won't have time to focus on the issue all morning.

It went ceiling all right when I checked it at closing, but there's something fishy here. Why would you buy a company that will just be a shell after it's gambling permit is not renewed? So beware newbies! If you'll speculate, make sure you have the time to follow it minute-by-minute to check the trend.

Beware of the ruthlessness of this man, in his quest for money!

He's been doing it since the Marcos era.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trading Diary, Workweek 31

My GTM buy with TEL at 1910 got hit after the selldown. I was 7% up in my main port (with big positions) before the minus-15% selldown. So, Im suddenly/quickly negative in two days. At the same time, pundits are saying that PLDT is one the mismanaged companies in the Philippines, aligning it to SMC.

I think aligning it to the caliber and steep bureaucracy of SMC is going too far. Bottom line, it's wise and reasonable to place some bets on the other half of a duopoly any time of the year. Besides, we're sure to get +5- 7% dividend yield even if we're jailed in PLDT.

On the speculative side, I also added one tranche in LC, on the expectation that this will approach 0.3 again once Gold threatens to breach 1400 again. Remember, LC was at 0.4 - 0.6 when gold was at 1400+.

But I will sell at 0.3, because I agree that Gina Lopez's powers are greater than any jump in and influence of Au price.

I will execute cut loss if this goes down below 0.21.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Reminder: start of Ghost Month tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of Ghost Month. Best to check what happened the past 5 years during this month. Note also that the exact date changes every year. Research and analyze.

If it's up to me, I'll reserve sufficient cash. Don't go all in. Then by mid-September, check if momentum of market is upward or down.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trading Diary, Workweek 30

How are your trades, friends? I will soon make a summation of my ytd. Im barely beating the index, but gains are gains, so Im happy.

Also, if I don't have the discipline to resume my weekly picks, I will at least write short snippets of my own moves, for posterity.

Bought NIKL at 5.5 a few days ago and added at 5.75 today. I now have a decent 3.5-tranch position in NIKL. The uptrend of the metal Nickel itself will drive this company's stock price. In turn, this is all to be triggered, by Gina Lopez's own moves. Talk about irony.

I don't like the vendetta moves of Gina, and judging from her poise, it appears all hours she spends at DENR are focused on mining, mining, mining. (There are other responsibilities in the department, Madame).

And there's also the rumour saying Gina had the hots before for Brimo. Adds fun to the narrative. This is Brimo:

And Gina, the mahjongera-look purveyor, is in the previous post.

If that rumor is true, well indeed it is "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" season for NIKL, and unintentionally the Mahjongera will cause an unintended increase in Nickel prices worldwide, giving the man she hates a windfall to sell his ores higher.

Wow. What a way to unintentionally enriching your crush.

I also added one tranche each in MWC (been holding some tranches for 2+ years already here), AGI, and VLL, just to release cash from recent disposals (all big gains) in SECB, TEL, and MBT.

Im at 50% cash in nimble port, 30% cash in main port, at this moment.

Good luck!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Si Gina Lopez

Nakakatuwa ang mga happenings pagkatapos ianawans ang appointment ni Gina Lopez bilang DENR secretary. Biruin mong bumagsak nang mahigit beinte porsyento ang PX ni MVP. Pagkatapos, sinabihan nyang Elephant in the Room si Gina. Ininterpret naman ito sa mga forum na sinabihan na mukhang elepante si Gina Lopez. Sinong babae nga naman daw ang matutuwa kapag ikinumpara sa isang Elepante?, dagdag pa ng isang forumer. Di naman singtaba ng elepante si Manay Gina. O baka naman singkulubot na ng elepante ang balat ni Manang?

Hahaha. Hindi naintindihan ng maliliit na investor ang metaphor.

"Elephant in the room" or '' Elephant in the living room' is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

Heniwey,di naman singtaba o mukhang elepante si Regina Lopez.

Sa ganang akin, mukha lang syang mahjongera.

O di ba? Ready to Siete Pares?

Ang gusto ko ring makita sana ay kung saan nag-aral si Gina Lopez at ano pa ang ibang credentials n'ya bukod sa mambangay sa public forums (paki-google ang MVP- Gina Lopez "You're Lying! video. Nakakaaliw rin yon).

Magmamahjong lang ba sya sa DENR at magdidissaprub ng lahat ng Mining permits? Maraming trabaho sa DENR bukod sa pagsuheto sa mga minahan, Ma'am. Bagamat talaga namang ang mga naglalakihang minero ay mapangwasak ng kapaligiran kapag hindi nabantayan.

Pero ano ang mangyayari sa istaks ng LC, PX, atbp? Bumulusok pataas na dapat ang mga ito dahil sa Brexit, pero mukhang mas matigas ang pwersa ni Elephant or Mahjongera Gina.

Basta ako tumaya muli sa LC nang konti sa 0.246. Konti lang. Hwek hwek.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Titi't Pakyu ni ALT

Bibihira makita ang ganire sa larangan ng charting. 

Etits plus pulandit formation!

Pakyu ka phenomenon sa bolyum!

Nawa'y hindi kayo nabiktima ng mga mandarambong. 

Tandaan: sa bawat pagbenta ninyo nang palugi man o may kita, may katumbas na bumili sa kabila. 
At sa lahat ng pagbili ninyo, may katapat na nagbenta sa kabila, kumita man sila o nalugi. Hindi lang galing sa wala ang lahat! (Maraming nagmamagaling na 'alchemists' na naman kuno sa mga forum). 

Sa pagkakataong ito, mukhang may malalaking nag-ala CAL na naman at nanira at namakyu ng madla. Pinagkakitaan mila ang mga maliliit na mamimili. Kakalungkot kung mga nagsusumikap sa trabaho pa ang nabiktima. Wag kasing mambasura kapag si pa sanay sa sundot-konti-tapos-alis-agad method.